Co-creating the Ecosystem
In the near future, potentially anyone (be it ecosystem partners and enterprising community members) will have the opportunity to build applications (dApps) on top of / using our Rario NFTs . The developers will get support from Rario, and also a share of the revenue generated through these games.
We envision this ecosystem to be the digital equivalent of the offline Cricket ecosystem. For example, one of future utilities will be the Rario Premier League (RPL) -- a detailed Cricket simulation game. You can make your teams, and play matches with other team owners. You can level up your players by taking them to an academy, getting them better equipment, and so on.
Our community of Cricket fans will play an active role in building this future with us together.
Snapshot of what the future Rario Cricket Ecosystem will look like
We are actively looking for these partners to continue providing newer avenues of engagement to our users . Here are just a few of the benefits:
  • Usage of Rario NFTs, licenced Cricket IP exclusive to the Rario platform
  • Listing in the Rario Club directly Access to Rario NFT users
  • Increased traffic to dApp
  • Data from private zone of NFTs is accessible to authorised partners
  • The Rario team is initially handling this process, however, over time, the selection of apps and rights will be governed by the community through various DAOs
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